Georgia: Poliisi hakkasi Davitin sairaalakuntoon mielenosoittamisen takia

Georgia: Poliisi hakkasi Davitin sairaalakuntoon mielenosoittamisen takia

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Georgian viranomaisten on tutkittava riippumattomasti, ovatko poliisit syyllistyneet Davitin pahoinpitelyyn ja kiduttamiseen. Syylliset on saatava vastuuseen teoistaan!



Mr. Irakli Kobakhidze, Prime Minister
Administration of the Government of Georgia
7 Ingorokva street, Tbilisi, 0114
Tel: (995 32) 299 09 00

Dear Prime Minister,

I am writing to you in connection with the arbitrary arrest, beating and abuse of activist Davit Katsarava. Davit Katsarava was apprehended by special police forces on 14 May in front of the Parliament while protesting peacefully against the law “On Transparency of Foreign Influence.” Several masked men without identification numbers from special police forces, dragged him away from the crowd, handcuffed him on the ground, and started beating him in his face and head while hurling insults. He was then taken to a police minivan, where they continued beating him with special knuckle-duster gloves, aiming sustained blows at his face and head. One of the officers also attempted to strangle him with his scarf several times.

After several hours of violence and humiliation, officers filmed him before ostensibly waiting for confirmation to hand him over to patrol police. After signing administrative proceedings for “petty hooliganism” patrol police transferred him to a hospital, where he was diagnosed with a severe brain concussion, multiple facial bone fractures, including a broken eye socket and jaw, and had to undergo urgent surgery. He continues to suffer from loss of eyesight and heavy concussion.

Davit Katsarava is one of dozens of people who suffered severe injuries at the hands of security forces during peaceful protests.

Since April, more than a hundred individuals were reported to have been arbitrarily detained, severely beaten, tortured or otherwise ill-treated for their participation in protests. It is unacceptable that no one has been identified and held accountable for more than a hundred complaints by protestors about beatings and other forms of torture and ill-treatment. The failure to carry out effective investigations and ensure accountability perpetuates a culture of impunity.

I urge you to ensure a prompt, impartial and effective investigation into all allegations of torture or other ill-treatment of protestors during or after protests, or while in detention, including that of Davit Katsarava, and to bring those responsible to account in fair trial proceedings, including any officials who gave orders for the unlawful use of force. Additionally, I ask you to take urgent and effective measures to prevent torture and other ill-treatment of protesters and ensure that people can protest peacefully without fear of being arbitrarily arrested, physically assaulted, or otherwise abused for peacefully protesting or expressing dissenting opinions. This includes publicly condemning acts of unlawful use of force by the police, ensuring that police officers and other officials making arrests wear clearly visible identification.

Yours sincerely,