Hyökyaallot ja rankkasateet tuhoavat kodit – kalastajayhteisölle osoitettava uusi asuinpaikka

Hyökyaallot ja rankkasateet tuhoavat kodit – kalastajayhteisölle osoitettava uusi asuinpaikka

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Meksikon presidentti: pitäkää lupauksenne ja tukekaa El Bosquen kalastajayhteisöä uuden asuinpaikan löytämisessä



Andrés Manuel López Obrador
President of México
Plaza De La Constitución S/N Palacio Nacional,
Centro, Cuauhtémoc, Ciudad de México,
México C.P. 06067
Email: atencionciudadana@segob.gob.mx / alejandro.esquer@presidencia.gob.mx
Tw: @lopezobrador

Mr. President López Obrador,

I’m deeply concerned about the dire situation faced by 84 residents of El Bosque, Tabasco, due to rising sea levels intensified by the climate crisis. On 1 November, they were evacuated due to a tidal wave caused by Cold Front 8 (Frente Frío 8). Currently, 69 people are in a temporary shelter in “Frontera” village (12 km far from El Bosque), and the rest have returned to the community or moved to other villages. This situation is significantly more distressing, given the promises made by your Government in April 2023 that they will be safely relocated urgently.

As you are aware, the community has reported significant losses and damages, including the destruction of temporary shelters and 13 homes (in addition to the more than 50 houses already lost to rising sea levels), loss of infrastructure and the alarming infiltration of sea water to the water wells.

We urgently request that your government expedite the relocation process of El Bosque, ensuring it is participatory and just, always guaranteeing the human rights of the affected people. We also urge your government to take measures to prevent, reduce and mitigate the risks, losses and damages caused by climate change, like robust mitigation and adaptation measures based on human rights.

Yours sincerely,